Saw Gerrera Before Rogue One

With Rogue One approaching in the coming months, big news was recently dropped depicting the names of many of the new characters that were displayed in the first teaser trailer. One of the most interesting pieces of information revealed was that Forest Whitaker was portraying Saw Gerrera in Rogue One.

Now why is that interesting? It’s because Gerrera is the first Star Wars character who was originally created in the Clone Wars animated television show who is gaining a role in a full length live action Star Wars movie. In addition, Saw will be one of few people who knew Anakin Skywalker before his turn to Darth Vader making his role in Rogue One very interesting.

During the Clone Wars, Saw’s homeworld of Onderon fell under the control of the separatists and a mad king prompting himself and his sister Steela to create a rebellion against the occupation of their planet. Because of their lack of numbers, the Gerrera siblings requested Jedi assistance from the Jedi Council. The Jedi felt they would be unable to stretch their troops to fight on Onderon, so instead they sent Generals Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, Commander Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex to secretly assist the growing rebel forces. Because of the Republic’s assistance, the rebels learned how to fight a variety of droid troops with the weapons they had resulting in the Onderon militia to begin to take back their world.

Although the rebellion was gaining traction to achieve their goals, Saw began to feel unsatisfied with their efforts because the troops were beginning to lean their alliances closer with Steela instead of himself. Saw’s jealousy got the better of him and he made an impulsive effort to recapture the former king of Onderon from the CIS. The rebels were able to save the king and Saw and with them they made one final push against the Separatists to take back to the world which was successful through the sacrifice of Steela’s life.

After the rise of the Empire, Gerrera began to lead military against the Imperials with the help of his group known as the Partisans. Saw’s rebel cell was made up of many of the same members who were with him during the Clone Wars and they were one of the first cells to create the Rebel Alliance very similarly to the crew of the Ghost.

Some people found Saw’s tactics as extreme; the Rebel Alliance supporting Senator, known as Ransolm Casterfo, even believed he was utilizing terrorist tactics. One of Saw Gerrera’s most famous missions was stealing the superweapon plans to the Death Star. Although Saw was a brave fighter, he was also confrontational and arrogant during his young age. He loathes even the contemplation of not obtaining a victory, so it will be interesting to see how his character behaves after years have passed after the Clone Wars.

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