The Celestials

All encompassing, omniscient, and “ space gods” of the Marvel universe. Who are they? Where did they come from and why are they important!

The Celestials are mysterious humanoid aliens that stand over 2,000 feet tall! They posses the power of unlimited cosmic energy, and are outfitted in large metal armored suits. Very few races have ever came in contact with them, but they are credited with controlling the Marvel universe.

Nobody knows where they originated from, or even live currently, but some believe they live within the realms of hyper space. The Celestials visited earth at four different times during earth’s history. These visiting periods are called hosts and each time they visited they altered the course of history. The first Celestial Host came to Earth around 1 million years ago to undergo genetic tests and experimentation on Earth’s human beings. This ultimately created two subsequential categories of humans: the Eternals and the Deviants. The Celestials main goal for the human race was the implantation of a dormant DNA complex which would one day allow positive mutations.

Furthermore, the Second Celestial Host visited Earth roughly twenty-five thousand years ago to check the results of their first visit. Finding the direction of Deviants technology rather counter-productive, the Celestials destroyed the Deviants’ major base of Lemuria. Following the destruction of Lemuria, this caused the tectonic plate shifting that eventually contributed to the sinking of the continent and city of Atlantis.

The Third Celestial Host arrived on Earth one thousand years ago to view the progress of the human race. Their landing area was arranged by the Eternals, who worked in place with the Incas of Peru. Earth’s mythological gods met the Celetials in the 3rd host. The gods Odin of the Asgardians and Zeus of the Olympians, challenged the Celestials’ right to interfere in Earth’s future and affairs. This eventually lead to all of the gods promising to never interfere with the outcome of mankind.

The Fourth Celestial Host arrived in recent years in order to judge mankind’s worthiness now that the dormant DNA complex for benevolent mutations had become awaken by the international increase in radiation levels. The Celestials deemed humanity fit to survive. A group of twelve human beings representing the great accomplishments of mankind accompanied the Celestials when they left Earth. These 12 humans are the only known history of humans accompanying Celestials. The Celestials are very mysterious and there is still very little known about them but it’s crazy that they impacted life on Earth so much.

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