I create fun topics for fun people. 


Before I even knew what YouTube was I created videos using a film camera. I recorded my Spiderman action figures in front of cardboard backdrops made from shoe boxes. In those early days I was learning the basics of story telling and gaining a love for creating videos.


During this year I created my first Youtube channel called Studios2016. I created a few stop motion animations and experimented with film making. This channel allowed me to familiarize myself with video and photo editing.


In 2012 I created the YouTube channel I am still using today: Wotso Videos. At its creation I was focused on my series "Secrets of the Force," but have moved on to create other series like "Cinema in Seconds" and my most popular "Discovering Disney."


I graduated from high school during this year and I also began posting weekly on Wotso Videos. Through the growth of my channel, I began to expand and put myself on social media platforms and create this website!